True Motion Flight Simulator

A true motion flight simulator. An award winning design and used by Canadian Airforce for their initial cadet training. Has mounted Joystick controls suitable for fighter aircrafts.

The simulator is lightweight and compact, requires no power and virtually no maintenance.  This simulator captures the motion based on simple gravitational movements of the chair initiated by the user in response to the views on the screen. Close to what pilots do in the air. By using gravitational force to generate motions, the simulator has eliminated the need for hydraulics and motors and associated costly maintenance. A Solution that is ideal for simulation and also serious Gaming

Key Features Include:
  • Motion based on simple gravitational movements of the chair initiated by the user and requires no Electrical Power 
  • The 3feet x 6feet footprint enables the simulator to easily fit in any room
  • Black powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Replica pilot\'s seat provide a pleasing appearance
  • Modified Flight Control System Throttle, Joystick and Rudder Included
  • Manual Motion of Roll and Pitch of  +/- 15 Degrees 
  • Triple Monitor Mount Upgrade Available for Stunning surround display
  • The simulator is easy to assemble but is required Simfocal will also assemble the device at your place
All of these remarkable features comes with their wiring and electronics carefully and professional handled by our expert team. So you don’t have to go through the stress of working yourself around the wired connections and fittings. 

If you are interested in running your own independent business we offer customized simulators to meet your specific entertainment/commercial purposes.