SmartFly Cirrus

The Smartfly Cirrus simulator is carefully crafted to deliver an over the top simulation experience. It is notably economical and a perfect option for small budgets. Its controls section is neatly mounted on a panel similar to that of an  aircraft’s cockpit.

Make this your choice and avail yourself the crisp control and entertainment particular to this top selling flight simulator. It is exactly adaptable for many aircrafts and supported by physical controls such as Yoke, Rudder Pedal, Radio stack and Flaps Lever. 

Developed around a smart box’s concept, the cockpit and screen display as single units occupying very small space; although it also comes with a display interface that can be easily connected to some exclusive instruments including an external screen for outdoor display and better scenery. .

Key Features:
  • Wide range of aircrafts to select from.
  • Fully integrated powder coated heavy duty panel 
  • Fly in accordance to  Flight Instruments embedded in the controls and hence aid the development of the user’s ability with practice.
  • Covers and accurately interprets - Straight and level turns, Airspeed changes, Climbs Descents etc.
  • Radio Navigation modes and procedures
  • Aircraft type Yokes and Rudder Pedals
  • Realistic Digital Radio Stack (including Auto Pilot Module)

All of these remarkable features comes with their wiring and electronics carefully and professional handled by our expert team. All you need do is connect your computer and perform a few configurations and you are ready for Take Off.

Avionics Stack

Digital Avionics Radio stack available on this simulator provides best training environment to practice radio and Flight navigation procedures. The Professional bendix-king style digital radio stack is engineered from scratch with a robust and dynamic mechanism coupled with our new SIMSOFT USB Digital Hardware Controller.

  • COM1 and COM2 VHF communication radio mode
  • NAV1 and NAV2 VHF navigation radio mode
  • ADF navigation radio mode
  • DME1 and DME2, linked to NAV1 and NAV2 receivers
  • Active and Standby frequency displays, allowing easy frequency adjustment with an instant swap function
  • Transponder select for squawk code Tx
  • Fully coupled Autopilot for NAV-I

Physical Controls

Cirrus has important physical controls that closely resembles a real aircraft, they include:

  • Physical switch pack module
  • Control knobs for instrument gauges
  • Flap lever with LED position indicator
  • Generic Yoke

Available Upgrade - Computer System

While the simulator equipment is important to deliver an optimum realistic experience, The Computer systems used are crucial in making all aspects of the simulator functional and for delivery of optimum performance

As an optional upgrade, we will select the best Computer hardware components according to your exact wishes to ensure excellent customized systems performance. 

The computer components and software are tweaked and expertly fine-tuned to deliver HD graphics with amazing results all together tied for an awesome experience.