SmartFly Advent

The Smartfly Advent is one of the Best professional flight training devices available in today’s  market. It is of DGCA / FAA AC61-136A compliance and quality. This flight simulator is carefully crafted and expertly hardwired to match the configurations of a  readily known General Aviation Aircraft

Its  controls are essentially mounted on a panel in a separate section making it the more similar to the referenced aircraft and its cockpit.  The experience delivered from this superb flight simulator is further enhanced by the crisp controls and setup surrounding its makeup. It is adaptable with a number of aircrafts built on single engine designs with its own physical switches, Digital Avionics radio, flap lever, landing gear and GP500 GPS with real hardware . It is perfect for enjoying your favorite VFR or IFR flights with nothing lost from the real experience.

It comes as a plug and play flight simulator to the end user. We take care of all the complex issues surrounding its hardware integration, selection of an optimum computer system, host of software, display and sound system to specifically fit its usage. 

Key features include
  • Wide range of aircrafts to select from.
  • Fully integrated powder coated heavy duty panel 
  • Ergonomically designed 
  • Fly in accordance to in-grained Flight Instruments and further aid the  development and ability of the user with practice.
  • Perfectly covers and interprets Straight and level turns, Airspeed changes, Climbs, Descents etc
  • Radio Navigation modes and procedures
  • Realistic aircraft Yokes and Rudder Pedals
  • Instructor Station to challenge your skills
  • Realistic Digital Radio Stack (including Auto Pilot Module)
  • High resolution crystal clear instrument display
  • 3-channel visual screens 
  • Separate GP500 GPS module 
  • Cessna type TPM 
  • Close to real aircraft aerodynamics 
  • Fly VOR-ILS-NDB-ILSBC-LDA approaches

All of these remarkable features comes with their wiring and electronics carefully and professional handled by our expert team. So you don’t have to go through the stress of working yourself around the wired connections and fittings.

Our specialty also lies in customizing the simulator to serve as a Flight Training Device (FTD) for flight schools and universities. The entire features can be customized and reworked to serve your specific requirements, usage and budget.

Avionics Stack

Digital Avionics Radio stack provides you the best training environment to practice radio and Flight navigation procedures. The Professional bendix-king style digital radio stack is engineered from scratch with a robust and dynamic mechanism coupled with and our new SIMSOFT USB Digital Hardware Controller.

  • COM1 and COM2 VHF communication radio mode
  • NAV1 and NAV2 VHF navigation radio mode
  • ADF navigation radio mode
  • DME1 and DME2, linked to NAV1 and NAV2 receivers
  • Active and Standby frequency displays, allowing easy frequency adjustment with an instant swap function
  • Transponder select for squawk code Tx
  • Fully coupled Autopilot for NAV-I

Physical Controls

SmartFly advent has important physical controls that resembles close to real aircraft, they include:

  • Physical switch pack module
  • Control knobs for instrument gauges
  • Trim wheel
  • Flap lever with LED position indicator
  • Landing gear with LED indicator
  • Throttle, Prop, Mixture control levers
  • Realistic Yoke and Rudder

Instruments Panel

The instruments panel carries all the controls as available on real aircrafts and the adjustment of each control works and provides real time results.

The superb working nature of these instruments and controls are in fact made possible by the high grade, certified avionics software we use. 


The entire world can be navigated with accurate terrain and obstruction elevations.

  • 24,000+ airports database.
  • Moving map with flight review, print vertical and horizontal flight path with IOS*
  • There is no limit to the length of flight that can be flown.
  • GPS Navigation using GP500 interface easily navigates all positions on the chart

Computer Systems

While the simulator equipment is important to deliver realistic experience, The Computer systems used are crucial in making all aspects of the simulator functional and for delivery of optimum performance

We select the best Computer hardware components to ensure excellent systems performance.

The computer components and software are tweaked and expertly fine-tuned to deliver HD graphics with amazing results all together tied for an awesome experience.


External Display and Sound

The simulator comes with option of a triple monitor external display to give you 140 deg HFOV coverage. 

HD Sound System are available as upgrades which ensure you have an immersive and realistic experience with the simulator.