GA Touch Panel

This flight simulator is carefully crafted and expertly hardwired akin to a readily known General Aviation Aircraft. The controls section of this stunning flight simulator is neatly mounted on a panel similar to a general aviation aircraft cockpit.

Avail yourself with the crisp control and entertainment particular to this top rating flight simulator adaptable with many aircrafts and supported by a touch screen radio stack, Traditional Analog or Garmin G1000 Avionics. It is perfect for enjoying your favorite VFR or IFR flying. We have promised to add wings to your dreams and now you can be in control of a wide variety of aircrafts with this simulator. 

It comes as a plug and play flight simulator to the end user. We take care of all the complex issues surrounding its hardware integration, selection of an optimum computer system, host of software, display and sound system to specifically fit its usage. 

Key features include
  • Wide range of aircrafts to select from.
  • Fully integrated powder coated heavy duty panel 
  • Leather Glare shield 
  • Fly in reference to in-grained Flight Instruments and hence helps develop ability to practice - Straight and level, Airspeed changes, Turns, Climbs Descents etc.
  • Practice routine risk Procedures such as – Compass Turns, Timed Turns etc.
  • Radio Navigation modes and procedures
  • Realistic aircraft Yokes and Rudder Pedals
  • Easy upgrading to Instructor Station
  • Touch Screen based Radio Stack (including Auto Pilot Module)
  • High resolution crystal clear instrument display 
All of these remarkable features comes with their wiring and electronics carefully and professional handled by our expert team. So you don’t have to go through the stress of working yourself around the wired connections and fittings. 
If you are interested in running your own independent business we offer customized simulators to meet your specific entertainment/commercial purposes.  
The entire features can be customized and reworked to serve your specific requirements, usage and budget. 

Cockpit Panel

The instrument panel comes pre-fitted with all the controls, instruments and screens and motion sensors, which are neatly mounted on a panel similar to a General aviation aircraft cockpit: 
  • High Quality Metal Construction and fittings
  • Touch Screen Radio Stack
  • Avionics Monitor
  • Saitek Switch Panel
  • Yoke (Saitek or CH Yoke)
  • Rudder Pedal (Saitek or Thrust master)


Realistic Add-on Software

The simulator comes with an easy to use touch screen radio stack and auto pilot module. Also the avionics can be interchanged between Traditional analog and Garmin G1000 Avionics, 

We recommend a range of simulator add-on software to ensure the graphics are realistic at best and to ensure a user experience that is unparalleled.
An instructor station is also available as an upgrade 

External Display and Sound

The simulator comes with option of a triple monitor external displays to give you surround coverage. 

HD Sound System and vibration systems are available as upgrades which ensure you have an immersive and realistic experience with the simulator.

Computer Systems

While the simulator equipment is important to deliver realistic experience, The Computer systems used are crucial in making all aspects of the simulator functional and for delivery of optimum performance

We select the best Computer hardware components to ensure excellent systems performance. 

The computer components and software are tweaked and expertly fine-tuned to deliver HD graphics with amazing results all together tied for an awesome experience.

Available Upgrade - Cockpit Shell

As an advancement available, the instrument panel is mounted inside a shell, which is modeled to give the user a true immersive feel of being inside a General aviation aircraft. 

The shell is completed with 2 seats, housing to mount panels, monitors, computers, speakers etc.  Interiors are custom-tailored to produce and match the feel that one gets when sitting in the real aircraft. The Cockpit shell substantially enhances and helps rework the experience of the person flying the aircraft. 

The shell is mounted on high density lock-able wheels, thereby improving mobility.