B737 Dual Seater

This state of the art flight simulator has been delicately designed and integrated to make its working functions similar to B737. We have promised to add wings to your dreams and now you can be in control of B737 with added perks to make your dreams come alive. It has been intrinsically designed and built on 1:1 scale.

It comes as a plug and play flight simulator to the end user. We take care of all the complex issues surrounding its hardware integration, selection of an optimum computer system, host of software, display and sound system to specifically fit its usage. Our support system is also excellent, second to none and readily available across country to assist you should the need arise. 

Key features include
  • Design based on a twin engine, narrow-body jet airliner with conventional airplane Controls (Yokes)
  • Available with real flight controls accompanied by rudder pedals, conventional yokes and throttle quadrant
  • Realistic Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Advanced autopilot and flight director systems
  • High definition, crystal clear display with accompanying surround stereo system
  • Global scenery and navigation database
  • Instructors Station fitted with advanced simulator management features
  • Low maintenance and running costs
All of these remarkable features comes with their wiring and electronics carefully and professional handled by our expert team. So you don’t have to go through the stress of working yourself around the wired connections and fittings.  For our advanced professional customers, they also come with state of the art integrated circuit system with advanced electronics and less wiring.

The entire features can be customized and reworked to serve your specific requirements, usage and budget. 

We also specalise in customizing the simulator to serve as a Flight Training Device (FTD) for airlines, flight schools and universities.  If you are interested in running your own independent business we offer customized simulators to meet your specific entertainment/commercial purposes.  


Main Instrument Panel

A full-fledged panel which comes with the sophistication and precision of the real narrow body jetliner. Some of its features are: 

  • High Quality Metal Construction
  • Panel with adjustable backlight and fully Functional Annunciators, Landing Gear Lever and Switches
  • Functional Chrono, Flaps Lever, Yaw Damper, Brake Pressure Indicator and Integrated Standby Instrument Gauges available as add-ons or alternatively supplied with dummy gauges
  • Fully functional Mode Control Panel (MCP) and EFIS. Upgradable to advanced version for professional users
  • Functional Primary Flight and Navigation Display, Upper Display Unit and Lower Display Units. Customized Monitors are also available for professional users
  • Fully Functional Flight Management Computer (FMC) with color display in a custom made bay like the real aircraft. 



Realistic looking pedestal bay. Features include: 

  • High Quality Metal Construction
  • Painted to match aircraft cockpit color
  • Backlight Panels
  • Full scale functional replica of navigation and communication radio with dual concentric encoders,
  • Functional model of Transponder and ADF radio available as upgrade
  • Sophisticated and realistic Fire Panel including handles with locking mechanism available as upgrade for PRO users
  • Functional model of Trim, Cargo and Weather Panel upgrade available for Pro users
  • Other  functional panels such as Audio Selector, Flood Flight, Cabin Door available as upgrade for Pro users



  • Built on 1:1 Scale
  • High Quality Metal Construction
  • Dimmable Backlight Panels
  • Painted to match actual aircraft cockpit color
  • Customised Overhead stand 
  • Fully Functional gauges, annunciators and switches controlling forward overhead panel
  • Solenoid based engine start switches 
  • Honey switches upgrade available for Professional Users
  • Aft Overhead with functional IRS display available as upgrade for Professional Users
  • Solenoid based Yaw-Damper and Wing Anti ICE switches available as upgrade for Professional Users


Throttle Quadrant

  • Built on 1:1 Scale
  • High Quality Construction
  • Motorised Throttle Levers and Trim Wheels with auto movement like the real aircraft
  • Functional Trim Indicator
  • Carefully crafted and functional Flaps Lever and Speed Brakes
  • Parking Brake lever. Motorised version also available as an upgrade
  • Engine Cut off and Reverse Thrust Levers
  • A/T, TO/GA, AP Switches Functional
  • Backlight

Control Columns, Rudder Pedals and Tiller

Get  Controls exactly modeled with the look and feel of the real aircraft. Key Features are;

  • Control Column with metal finishing and realistic Tension loading incorporating all the switches like the real aircraft. Inter-connected control column also available for professional user
  • Realistic Rudder Pedal with all metal construction including Toe Brakes. Inter-connected rudder pedal also available for professional user
  • Realistic Steering Wheel , available as upgrade
  • Customised flooring to incorporate the control elements
Budget friendly generic yokes and rudder pedals are available with additional savings and less compromise in quality 

Liners and Seats

Realistic Liners to go along with your instruments to significantly enhance simulator environment to match a real cockpit. Features include:

  • In liner Fiberglass for Sidewalls, Windows, Arm Rest, Map Holder, Eyebrows
  • High quality paint finish
  • Support metal structure for liners 
  • Real Aircraft type seat with advance J Rails available as upgrade
  • Additional cockpit accessories such as handles, decals, Window Lights, available as upgrade


External Display and Sound

The simulator comes with option of surround external display to give you a coverage of 120 degrees onwards. 

Customers can choose Television based surround system with views professionally adjusted for an all-round evolving experience.. 

Protector based surround system with customized spherical screen, edge blending and image wrapping is also available.

HD Sound System and vibration systems are available as upgrades which ensure you have an immersive and realistic experience with the simulator.

Computer Systems

While the simulator equipment is important to deliver realistic experience. The Computer systems used are crucial in making all aspects of the simulator functional and for delivery of optimum performance

We select the best Computer Components to ensure excellent performance. 

The computer components and software is tweaked to give HD graphics with some amazing results all together tied for an awesome experience.


Realistic Add-on Software

We recommend a range of simulator add-on software to ensure the graphics are realistic at best and to ensure a user experience that is unparalleled.

The brain of any good simulator is the Avionics software, We employ and use a certified software which makes the simulator avionics function as close as the real. 

We also provide you with a state of the art instructor station to handle the entire simulator with a tablet.