Leverage on Simfocal’s state of the art simulators for your events. This is a sure way to deliver the best form of unique and realistic entertainment possible. Our dynamic simulators are available as an entertainment option for your events such as corporate events, marketing events, exhibitions, trade fairs, private get together, birthdays, end of year parties, etc. they’ll provide optimal pleasure for your guests as you take them on a trip down pleasant paths while adding knowledge to your guests as well.

There is more as your guests get involved and come alive as your guests feel the nerve breaking pulses that comes with driving and operating our car simulator systems at top unbelievable speeds, the complexities and challenges associated with taking off and landing on our flight simulators are also second to none; Our systems are fully immersive as they use generated realistic images, sounds and replicate a real environment.

We assure you that our range of simulators would engage your audience and add a significant edge to your upcoming event at relatively low costs and keep your guests and visitors engaged. Simfocal will give you wings to attain and achieve your dreams, with quality assurance and service delivery…. Just believe

Our trained instructors ensure that your guests across all ages are completely at ease and truly have a memorable experience on our simulators. For more information please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and requirement.

Available Simulator Attractions