Ultimate Motion Car Simulator

This highly interactive and comfort oriented car racing simulator from Simfocal is designed to broaden your definition of reality. With this amazing device, you can enjoy your favorite car racing gaming titles such as F1, NFS, iRacing, rFactor DIRT and many more. Now you can even feel the powerful turbo revs of the engine, curves and bumps of the road on our highly realistic car racing simulator all in the comfort of your living room.

Modeled employing the latest cutting edge tech system to produce turbo accelerations and also produce stunning state of the art motion graphics; this simulator designed like a car seat puts you in pole position to enjoy over the top speeds of about 71 degrees per second within a movement range of about 27 degrees full dual-axis when used for car racing.

We are known for always adding wings to dreams therefore we bring to you this simulator system on a 64nm torque driven assembly.

This simulator is second to none in comparison with other simulators of its type available on the market today, as it can also be perfectly adapted for flight, bike and any other kind of motion simulation gaming. 

Key Features Include:
  • Groundbreaking mains-powered 2-DOF FULL MOTION SIMULATOR for home or commercial use
  • Suitable for gaming, professional training and general entertainment events
  • Covers large movement axis, real time acceleration, engine rev and power feedback complimented by stunning high-fidelity 100Hz motion simulate in-game, employs minimum force but still delivers a truly exhilarating  ride experience
  • Ultra-compact arrangement  for easy storage and transportation
  • Extensive adjustability for different riders and driving positions. Reversible shifter and handbrake mounts  to facilitate left or right hand drive layouts
  • Compatible with VR headsets for the ultimate all-encompassing entertainment experience.
  • Multiple configurations available (including flight, bike ride etc.)
  • USB Plug-and-Play. Extensive game support with over 100+ titles and counting! 
All of these remarkable features comes with their wiring and electronics carefully and professional handled by our expert team. So you don’t have to go through the stress of working yourself around the wired connections and fittings. 

If you are interested in running your own independent business we offer customized simulators to meet your specific entertainment/commercial purposes.

High Fidelity Motion Detail

Speedy response to acceleration and direction changes as transmission from end user to screen is super-fast and sharp.

An ultra-low latency 100Hz frequency update and attendant speed increment of up to 71 degrees per second delivers an extremely true-to-life reproduction of even the most detailed of forces and reactions  such as:

  • Road surface / runway texture
  • Gear shifts
  • Bullet impacts and bumper collisions

Extensive Adjustability

The seat can be easily adjusted with no much stress to suit your best driving position.

100% reversible layout for left or right hand drive setups.Other  broad range of possible adjustments Include: 
  • Pedal / Foot Rest Reach & Tilt adjustments
  • Steering Wheel Reach, Tilt & Height adjustments
  • Shifter Panel Reach & Height
  • Handbrake / Throttle Reach
  • Seat is very easy to recline and place at prime driving position.


Ultra compact Form and makeup

Built compactly and designed on a small setup, the quality and performance delivery is big nonetheless; This car racing simulator can be easily transported and arranged with all vital parts intact and durable. Can also be dismantled easily and stored when not in use.

  • Less than 50kg overall system weight
  • Could be used in small spaces
  • Collapsible in seconds with removable mounts for easy storage and transportation

Exceptionally Low Running Costs

System runs on less than 150 wattage of electric power, a very great and cost effective design which will  result to low electric bills and more profit for business operators and yet performs optimally with incredible efficiency. 

Our new patented ForceAssist load-compensation technology is notably responsible for the systems incredible performance, it provides up to 10times the force and acceleration of other systems with comparable actuator power.

Unrivalled Game Support

Aided by perfectly compatible software spread over a broad variety and expanding list of games. 

1:1 scale representation and interpretation of key game data which is supplied directly to the motion system to reproduce forces accurately.

Motion profiles and specifics are configurable on a per-game, per-user basis to allow settings fine-tuned to your exact preference. Suitable for: 

  • Driving Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Flying Games
  • Thrill Ride Simulators


Sound Feedback Module

Powerful Dual Tactile Transducer with fitted amplifier for additional sound feedback from system. Let the sound of the rev from the engines, the thumping bass from supporting sound tracks and high end sounds generated from impact, crashes and other sound effects keep you in tune and in check.

  • Unique 100w RMS RideNet™ controllable digital amplifier installed directly in the simulator
  • Digital surround  sound system
  • Integrated audio pass-through with line-level repeater