Car Racing Games as a true home entertainment

Car racing as a true home entertainment

Many of you already posses multiple car racing game titles and you are enjoying their comfort at your home. Probably most of you are enjoying those titles on your Xbox, Play station or PC and to increase the level of entertainment, you even have a joystick with it. May be you are enjoying the game, but let me ask you a question, have you ever wished it to be real? While you are lost in the game at home, you are having no clue what is going around in your house, people are getting mad at you because they are not getting their chance to play. Have you ever given it a thought, these car gaming titles can be a true home entertainment.

In the following paragraphs, I will introduce you to a variety of home entertainment choices. With the development in technology it now possible, you can enjoy the same experience and thrills of F1 race car or a Need for Speed car while sitting in your home. We now have a long list of options available at your door steps, each option will out reach the level of realism and it will bring you closer to the true image of reality, right in your living room. The most amazing feature of this home entertainment is that they are free from any age restrictions, no matter how old or young you are and thus gripping the attention of everyone in your family. 

Beginners Car Racing Home Simulator:

Imagine adding a force feedback to steering wheels and pedals, making the game an incredible event. There are multiple options available with us, which are not heavy on your pocket and also work very well. They enhance the quality of realism significantly. The steering wheels are very much easy to install on a table and they also support a host of car gaming titles. With the new force feedback attached to them, now you will be able to feel good amount of resistance on your hands and you will also feel the bouncy roads. These steering wheels and pedals are not only compatible with PC but many of them also support your PlayStation, Xbox and other variants. Thus they a single pair of these steering wheels and pedals serve many purposes. 

Intermediate Car Racing Home Simulator:

This is another simple yet amazing enhancement to the first model, Beginner Car Racing Home Simulator. This attachment takes your game and experience to a whole new level of realism and increases it multifold times. Just imagine we have now added a car seat to your existing steering wheel and pedals. In the Indian market there are multiple options available but no one can match the comfort and reliability of a simple low cost Nitho Corsa, which can do this trick for you. This kind of racing car seat has necessary accessories to mount the pedal and steering wheels and hence making it more realistic, entertaining, eye catching and charming than ever before.

Nothing can match the intensity of feelings you get, when you bolt a feedback wheel to your game seat. Do not jump for the unpleasant experience of a slippery pedals or the unnecessary amount of shame you have to face when you see a cheap trembling wheel attached to your desk, but go for the enriched and enhanced experience of steering wheels and pedals, that gives you bucket full of joys and gaming hours. Among countless advantages, one plus point of this option is that your whole family will now get firsthand experience and will also feel the craze and excitement behind all the racing game titles. Imagine someone going through the trouble of fixing the steering wheels and pedals again and again while playing the game. How bad will he feel?   But you will not go through that same window because your steering wheels and pedals do not need to be adjusted during the game so you can have the mesmerizing feeling that your pair is firm and real. If you already have the possession of a steering wheel and pedal just go for the unique seat because it a pure entertainment yet cheep on the pocket. The unquantifiable of happiness you will receive from this, is worthless. Adding bonus to your life, it has a folding option, so you can fold it and tuck it away in a corner without the hazel of freeing space from any other side.

Motion Car Racing Home Simulator

This is the final level of home entertainment you can own. Looking at price it will give you a look it is slightly expensive but seeing the benefit of rejoicing your entire family together is priceless. Apart from this benefit it also has another benefit. This marvel of technology will keep your guests entertained at home and will be the most charming and attention getting article of your parties thus making them exciting and niche.     

The motion chair, is a seated mounted on a 2DOF motion platform making it the ultimate addition. Once you have tasted the fun of the motion platform, believe me, you will not stop for anything else. Now your usual car racing gaming titles are not of the same worth as they use to be because now you feel truly different due to the experience in realism has increase and have taken few notches. Now it’s the time, now you can feel the powerful roaring turbo revs of the engine, sharp curves and heart shaking bumps of the road on our highly enriched and realistic car racing simulator that is right in the comfort of your living room.  Most motion chairs employ the most advanced and in fashion cutting edge technology system to produce turbo acceleration and also give those stunning and breathe taking motions.

You can upgrade the level of realism by adding three monitors to give you the surrounding visuals and also by adding audio transducers to give you realistic vibration from the advanced, enhanced and comfortable seat.
Another amazing fact on motion platform is that, they not only support the plethora of car gaming titles but also titles of Flight, Roller, Coaster, Truck, etc. Thus no one in the family is deprived and each of them is having something of their own interest. Making it a true entertainment box.

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