An Innovative Approach to Attracting People to Events

Planning for an event is a very daunting task to say the least. Event management companies and their staff are always trying to put out events on a grand scale in order to make them a success.

Every time, they are looking for more unique ways to get the attention of people attending the events and may be also increase attendees, but one fact of life is this; the more the number of engaging activities you have laid out before your guests the better the chances of the success of your events.

Food stalls, loud music and attendant panegyrics are no longer sure methods of engaging guests at an event any longer. People want to have fresh experiences any time they leave the comfort of their homes for events. So  for success to be the end result, you need to look for something new, innovative and cutting across many niches..

Going through the rigors of wanting to meet your ever demanding client’s expectations is not an easy thing at all. In fact it is even more frustrating when their budget is small and they want something unique, user engaging and attractive. 

The truth is this – a very good event management company will ensure that they find ways to work around the budgets of their clients however small. A company driven by key principles such as excellence and prompt service delivery, dynamic customer relations will ensure that they make things work however difficult situations pose.

There are a good number of problems faced by event management companies and we have identified some practical panacea to these ranging problems by employing something unique, that covers an appropriate niche and is equally entertaining, in the form of simulators such as Flight Simulators, Car Simulators and other customized simulators like, cycling, motorbikes, roller coaster, sky diving etc. anything else is possible in our view of things.

Simulators are new age range devices designed to provide entertainment in a realistic sphere to the end user. These devices make use of objects in the surroundings of the end user and use software to generate a virtual world that the user can feel immersed in and interact with.

The beautiful thing about these devices is that they have varying adaptations including the world of medicine, education, entertainment, research etc.
As an entertainment tool we have developed our simulators to give vibrant, realistic, user engaging gaming modules for flight, car racing amongst others variants we are still looking to adapt.

Here are some of the challenges faced by event management companies. We have considered these simulators carefully and the focus is on how they can help solve these problems.

  1. EVENTS MEMORABILITY – Simulators can make your events memorable and allow thoughts and discussions surrounding it linger on the minds and in the mouths of people. They stand out majorly as an avenue for your guests to have their hands busy on something else rather than being lost in the distractions that come with today’s social media. Beyond reasonable doubt, our flight, car and other simulators will stand out as the chances of them being utilized anywhere else are very slim. You can also use them in advertising new products and services to your guests.
  2. REDUCE BUDGETS – event planners usually need to create side attractions to make the event stand out. For many social gatherings, there is usually more than one form of entertainment form present or the other. Huge expenses are thereby accrued for the many side attractions and as such the budget is big and quite expansive. Using simulators like the types we have developed, your guests can have a variety of entertainment options such as flight, car gaming options etc. all for the price of one simulator. You spend reduce amounts on side attractions and your guests are more satisfied. Talk about eating your cake and having it.
  3. TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT – to introduce new systems to a crowd comes with multiple challenges, getting them ingrained in the system is another issue entirely.  Being up to date with new technological trends, products and services is a plus for any event. The demand on event organizers to deliver something new and fresh will be a further challenge as the days go by and will require that event organizers think outside the box. The introduction of simulator systems to your event will not only wow your crowd but will leave them longing for more innovations from you.
  4. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – an increasing focus on our environment and an attentive urge to sustain the climate and use greenhouse friendly methods means people every day get increased awareness and more involvement with schemes targeted at sustaining the environment. Most simulators systems are delicately designed to consume low electric power and of course deliver and meet the continuing demands of an expressive people in an open transparent manner.
  5. NEW TRENDS AND PROGRAMS – changes can be easily applied to simulator systems because really, no two events can be the same, therefore a dynamic system that can accommodate changes easily and incur minimal risk is definitely going to make your events different and easily managed. We at Simfocal pride ourselves in the unique and attractive simulators we offer; It is  therefore vital that any good management outfit should seek to provide solutions targeted at that.

To practically stay on top of any event program, an event manager will look to have his eyes on many details, needing them to run around and be spontaneous finding solutions as challenges crop up.

The true worth of any great event manager is seeing these challenges and checkmating each to deliver a primal experience for your guests.

You can now benefit by leveraging on Simfocal’s state of the art simulators for your events. This is a sure way to deliver the best form of unique and realistic entertainment possible. Our dynamic simulators are available as an entertainment option for your events such as corporate events, marketing events, exhibitions, trade fairs, private get together, birthdays, end of year parties, etc. they’ll provide optimal pleasure for your guests as you take them on a trip down pleasant paths while adding knowledge to your guests as well.

If you have an event coming up and would like to present something unique, attractive and niche to your users contact Simfocal at 1800-123-5002 or

One thing we are certain of, your guests will be held spell bound and they will continually come around for more. Our systems are pocket friendly and by default, they are designed to accommodate varying pocket sizes and we ensure that we deliver the best even with stringent conditions attached.

Wouldn’t you rather have us on ground for your next event? We will come fully with our A game set to incorporate latest entertainment trends.

Let’s get the groove on shall we?

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